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If you are looking for information and prices on wind turbines, solar heating panels, ground source heat pumps, photovoltaic electricity systems, small scale hydro, air source heat pumps, wood pellet or biomass boilers we have just what you need.


Our directory lists details of renewable energy system installers and companies who offer advice on the right system for you. They can also provide information on grants and requirements for planning permission for your chosen system. Just select the type of system that you are interested in from the drop-down list below.

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With the rising cost of gas and electricity and concerns over carbon emissions and reducing your household carbon footprint or even becoming carbon neutral, switching to environmentally friendly sources of renewable energy for your domestic heating, air conditioning, hot water and electricity is a sensible option.

      Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Our directory will help you to find a local company to provide you with the costs and prices of supplying and installing the system and advise you on grants for small scale and domestic renewable energy systems.


Wind Turbine


To compliment your environmentally friendly power system your cavity wall insulation and loft insulation should also be checked to ensure that you are maximising the energy efficiency of your building. 


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